Bluelands Quarry Waste Recovery Plan Approved

The Environment Agency has approved an updated Waste Recovery Plan (WRP) for Bluelands Quarry in Thurrock, Purfleet which is operated by S Walsh and Sons Ltd.

The WRP has been successfully updated by PDE to enable an additional 240,488m3 of wastes to be imported to Site and complete the development in accordance with Planning Permission. The planning permission requires that the final Site levels are built up above the 1 in 1000 year flood level, which would facilitate reclassification of the Site from Flood Zone 3 (high probability) to Flood Zone 1 (lowest probability).

This will enable S Walsh and Son to restore the Site to the highest environmental standard and in accordance with the approved scheme which has been developed to ensure optimal restoration and use of the Site.

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Progression of a New Quarry at Pasture House Farm

In October 2016 an application submitted by PDE to Peterborough City Council was approved for land at Pasture House Farm, Thorney. The application was prepared on behalf of Land Logical Limited and enabled the extraction, processing, sale and distribution of sand and gravel as well as the erection and use of a concrete batching plant and the establishment of an inert waste recycling facility.

Since approval, the Quarry is well into the initial stages of development, with a number of works being carried out. These include the construction of new bunds to provide noise and visual screening for nearby residents and users of the A47.

In addition, a programme of major road improvement works is due to start to widen the eastbound carriageway of the A47, facilitating improved access to the Site via Willow Hall Lane. Improvements will also be made to Willow Hall Lane, increasing the width of the junction with the A47 and the road up to the Site entrance. These road improvements will result in significant improvements to the flow of traffic along the A47, benefiting existing road users as well as effectively mitigating against potential impacts from additional HGV movements related to the new Quarry.

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Validation of a Planning Application

On behalf of our client SRC, PDE recently submitted a planning application to Essex County Council for the final disposal of inert residues to establish an appropriate and sustainable final landform with associated improvements to the landscape, cultural heritage, surface water management and biodiversity at Dollymans Farm, Wickford.

Historically the Site was utilised as a borrow pit for the construction of the nearby A130 and the current landform is of very poor quality, presenting significant difficulties for farming as a consequence of its steep sided nature and propensity to waterlogging in winter. Should permission be granted, SRC will be able to restore the Site back to a natural state, positively enhancing the setting of two World War I memorials located to the east and south of the Site.

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Variation of Conditions at Martell’s Quarry

On the 8th August 2018 permission was granted by Essex County Council on behalf of our client SRC, for the variation of conditions attached to existing planning permission at Martell’s Quarry, Ardleigh. The effect of the existing condition meant that SRC would have been unable to continue with the extraction of mineral and subsequent landfilling until the owner of the adjoining land had completed landfilling on their site.

The removal of the relevant condition is a huge success for SRC and facilitates the continuation of mineral working and the restoration of the wider Quarry.

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Permission Granted to Retain a Water Management Pipeline at Martell’s Quarry

On behalf of our client, SRC, PDE submitted a planning application for the retention of a water management pipeline at Martell’s Quarry, Ardleigh. The application was made to Essex County Council and permission was granted subject to conditions to retain the pipeline on the 4th September 2018.

The pipeline will enable SRC to replace the existing infrastructure which is now beyond economic repair. The new pipeline will connect two water bodies to the permitted extraction area enabling the dewatering of the extraction area to support the wider operations of the Quarry.

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Validation of a Planning Application

On behalf of our client, Aggmax, PDE submitted a planning application for the installation and operation of a concrete batching plant, ancillary facilities and associated access at Lawn Farm Quarry Wetherden. The application was made to Suffolk County Council and we would like to congratulate our client Aggmax on receiving confirmation of the validation on the 25th June 2018.

Should the application be successful the site should be able to produce in the order of 30,000m3 of concrete based products per annum. This will greatly support both domestic and commercial uses throughout Suffolk for years to come.

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Thorney Mill Sidings – Resolution to Grant

PDE recently submitted a planning application to Buckinghamshire County Council on behalf of our client Breedon Southern Limited for the importation, storage and onward distribution of rail borne aggregates together with the erection and use of a concrete batching plant at Thorney Mill Sidings, Buckinghamshire.

Following consideration by Buckinghamshire County Council the matter was resolved to grant in July following decision by the Buckinghamshire County Council Development Control Committee.

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Permission Granted for the Restoration of Land at Stone Pit 1

On the 24th July 2018 PDE received confirmation that permission has been granted for an application submitted to Kent County Council on behalf of our client Land Logical Limited. The application facilitates the continued restoration of the northern half of Stone Pit via the importation and recovery of inert engineering materials and soils to establish a sustainable final landform.

In 1983 Dartford Borough Council granted permission references DA/83/95 and DA/83/96 which revised the infilling, landscaping and restoration of previous consents. In the latter stages of restoration, a gas extraction and migration control system was installed within the soil sub layer. Following initial restoration, settlement of the waste mass has occurred over large areas of the Site, resulting in an unattractive, steeply undulating landform containing numerous ponded hollows. This settlement has also resulted in the gas infrastructure emerging to the surface, causing damage and reducing the efficiency of the system.

The restoration of the Site permitted within the application submitted by PDE will enable the establishment of an attractive green amenity space with numerous biodiversity benefits as wells as improving the gas management system.

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New Minerals and Waste Plans

Cambridgeshire County Council and Peterborough City Council are currently in the process of reviewing their joint Minerals and Waste Development Plan in order to produce a new Minerals and Waste Local Plan which will set out policy for minerals and waste development up to 2036. As part of this process the two councils have sought representations for the allocation of new minerals sites.

PDE recently submitted a number of representations on behalf of several of our clients, including SRC and Land Logical, identifying suitable sites for the extraction of minerals and subsequent disposal of inert waste for restoration.

The identification of these sites is crucial to safeguard the supply of minerals in the coming decades, supporting continued demand within the aggregates industry.

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Waste Recovery Permit Issued!

The Environment Agency has issued a new bespoke environmental permit to S Walsh and Son Ltd for a site at Morston Point in Kings Lynn.

The waste operation comprises the importation and permanent deposit of 350,000m3 of waste on land for the purpose of raising ground levels to create a development platform.

Wastes are to be used in the place of primary aggregates thus conserving natural resources.

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