Environmental Monitoring

The importance of controlling and mitigating the environmental effects of any operation are now well established within UK legislation and associated directives and regulations.

Many environmental permits require that environmental monitoring is carried out before operations commence, during the lifetime of the site, and up until the permit is surrendered.  This is to ensure that the operations are conducted in a manner which minimizes risks to the environment and harm to human health, and leaves the site in a satisfactory state upon completion of operations.

The collection of reliable routine monitoring data is crucial as costly decisions rely on the quality of your data.  We offer the necessary skills, equipment and knowledge to provide a quality sampling and monitoring regime, including landfill gas, leachate, groundwater and surface water monitoring.

PDE can arrange and supervise the installation of environmental monitoring boreholes and provide Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) plans and validations reports for submission to the Environment Agency.  We can undertake compliance audits and infrastructure audits to ensure that the appropriate measures and systems are in place at your site.

PDE can produce monthly, quarterly and annual environmental monitoring reports suitable for submission to the Environment Agency.  Results can be presented as graphs and tables and compared to any site specific trigger levels or generic environmental quality standards.