Highways and PFI Support

Highways and PFI contracts often involve extensive works to underpin the main project.  This can range from finding a suitable location for a temporary site office to developing a major asphalt plant to supply a road project.

PDE can assist you in undertaking initial site searches to developing projects with planning authorities and land owners to secure planning permissions, environmental permits and rights to occupy.  We can also provide estates input and secure sites for you and negotiate with owners on your behalf.

For those projects that are already well established we can help you manage the estate attached to the PFI contracts and ensure that the land assets are properly managed in accordance with lease and planning permissions and check that rents and royalties are made at the correct times and for the right amounts.

We can assist with:-

  • Site finding and due diligence;
  • Site condition reports;
  • Estates management;
  • Environmental permitting;
  • Site condition surveys;
  • Planning requirements;
  • Public consultations;
  • Land asset management and recording.