Despite efforts by the UK government and devolved bodies towards a simplified planning system, the last few years have seen significant changes to the planning system which haven’t made it any less complex.  Whether you are an owner, occupier or developer of property you need accurate advice, delivered on time and in a common-sense way that allows you to make the right decisions.

Our team has extensive skills and experience in managing mineral and waste management planning projects, from providing initial informal advice and guidance through to the preparation and coordination of planning applications, environmental impact assessments (EIA) and environmental statements (ES).  We can also represent your interests in hearings, public inquiries (PI) and examinations in public (EIP).

Whether you require general assistance and advice or you have a specific project to deliver, we can give you the help that makes a difference.  Our clients benefit from our high success rate with our planning work and this will give you the assurance that your project will be pursued to a high standard supported by a wealth of industry experience.

The most contentious parts of any proposals are the actual or perceived environmental effects.  Our extensive experience has shown that these issues, whether perceived or actual, must be fully appreciated at the conceptual design stages if they are to be overcome.  Planning applications often require extensive environmental investigations and an environmental impact assessment, which needs careful management in order to avoid controversy.  Our clients have found our assistance to be invaluable throughout the whole planning and assessment process, and have enjoyed the benefits of our involvement.

PDE can represent you on;

  • General development control and planning policy advice;
  • Long-term strategies for your business;
  • Representations to local plan documents;
  • Pre application meetings and strategies;
  • Preparation of planning applications;
  • Preparation of environmental impact assessments;
  • Managing the planning process for you;
  • Public consultation;
  • Mineral planning work;
  • Waste management and recycling work;
  • ROMP schemes;
  • PFI related development;
  • Habitat creation projects e.g. Nature After Minerals projects.