Estates Management

Many land owners and operators of mineral and waste sites give little thought to the fact that they are first and foremost a land owner bringing with it a whole host of responsibilities and risks as well as potential for uplifts in value if the land is properly managed.  It is not uncommon for operators to devote a significant proportion of their time and money to managing their plant and machinery but fitting in the management of the land around the operation of their business on the presumption that the land will manage itself.  However, a quick look at the asset register of most organisations quickly reveals that the land and minerals are by far its biggest asset and can often be enhanced with little effort or cost to provide new and lucrative opportunities.  The management of your land interests should not be left to chance as in times of recession the land can prove to be an increasingly important source of alternative income.

An independent report produced by leading economist Roger Bootle concluded that companies across Britain are wasting as much as £18 billion every year by mismanaging their property assets and business premises.  This means that many existing businesses could improve their bottom line by up to 13%.

Whether you are an existing operator, landowner, institution or interested party our expertise can help you achieve your goals.  Data on land values and an understanding of operational constraints is rarely information that is easily available but is essential in any negotiation if you are to argue your case strongly.  PDE can provide you with that knowledge and help boost your negotiating position.

As registered mineral valuers’ our work has to be produced to RCIS standards to give clients the assurance of the level of service they can expect.

Our team of chartered surveyors can advise you on:-

  • Land acquisition and disposal;
  • Rent and royalty reviews;
  • Leases;
  • Option agreements;
  • Managing rents and royalties;
  • Wayleave agreements;
  • Litigation and disputes;
  • Site searches;
  • Trespass;
  • Rights of way and footpaths diversions;
  • Other land management matters.