Bluelands Quarry – Environmental Permit Variation Issued

On behalf of the Operator S Walsh and Son Limited, we are delighted to announce that the Environment Agency (EA) has issued a variation to a bespoke waste recovery permit. The waste activity comprises the permanent deposit of inert wastes on land to restore a flooded chalk quarry and create a development platform at Purfleet in Essex.

The original permit allowed the importation and permanent deposit of 500,000m³ of wastes.

A minor technical variation application was made to allow for the recovery of an additional 240,488m³ of waste to raise the level of the final development platform to enable reclassification of the Site from Flood Zone 3 (high probability) to Flood Zone 1 (lowest probability) in accordance with the planning permission.

Prior to submission of the permit variation application, an updated Waste Recovery Plan (WRP) was submitted to and approved by the EA. Despite this being an extension to an existing activity, it was still necessary to provide financial calculations that showed that if the work was carried out with non waste, there would be a net financial gain. Due to a change in EA guidance, it was also necessary to produce a Dust Emissions Management Plan (DEMP), despite dust not being an issue at the site previously.

In accordance with the latest EA charging scheme, additional fees were paid to the EA for review of the updated WRP and the DEMP.

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