Brightlingsea Inert Landfill site – Environmental Permits Successfully Transferred

On behalf of Sewells Reservoir Construction Limited (SRC), PDE Consulting Limited submitted four environmental permit transfer applications to the Environment Agency (EA) relating to Brightlingsea Inert Landfill site.

The applications were submitted in October 2021 to transfer two waste operation permits and two abstraction licences from Brett Aggregates Limited to SRC.

The transfer of abstraction licence No. 8/37/25/*G/0109 and water transfer licence No. AN/037/0025/003/R01 were completed on 14 December 2021. In addition, the partial transfer of a mining waste operation permit (No. EPR/KB3907CY) was determined on 03 March 2022, and an inert landfill permit (No. EPR/KB3906X) was successfully transferred on 22 March 2022. Despite the EA accepting a request for the determination of the four applications to be prioritised, it took 5.5 months for them all to be issued.

The permanent deposit of inert waste at the site will allow the sand and gravel quarry to be restored to agricultural use, with areas of retained and new woodland, and water features.

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