Environment Agency Regulatory Statement 157 Update

In January 2014 the Environment Agency produced a Regulatory Position Statement (RPS) to say that in certain circumstances, the treatment of asphalt wastes containing coal tar will no longer require a waste operation permit, where the wastes are subsequently subject to a coating process on the same site under a Part B permit. The RPS applies to treatment by cold mix processes only.

In August 2015 the RPS was revised so that is applied to mobile plant only, storage and treatment cannot be undertaken for longer than 12 months, limits have been introduced for the volume of hazardous and non-hazardous planings that can be stored and specific surfacing requirements have been introduced for hazardous wastes.

The EA have not yet published the RPS and it is not available on their website. The RPS is due to be reviewed again in August 2016.

Please contact PDE for further advice if this may affect your operations.

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