Marstons Pit – Permit Successfully Varied to add an Inert Landfilling Activity

On behalf of Allen Newport Limited (ANL), PDE Consulting Limited (PDE) submitted an application to the Environment Agency (EA), to vary an environmental permit to authorise the landfilling of inert waste at Marstons Pit, Tuddenham, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

The permit was originally issued in February 1993 as a water quality discharge consent only. It was varied in September 2011 to add a Tier 2 bespoke mining waste operation.

In August 2020 PDE submitted an application to vary the permit to add an inert landfill activity to allow for the quarry to be restored with inert wastes. It was also proposed that a recycling permit for the site, that was transferred to ANL in February 2021, was amalgamated into the varied permit. The application was duly made in November 2020. The determination period was extended and the one and only Schedule 5 notice was not issued until May 2021. The draft permit was not issued until five months later, in October 2021, despite no further information being requested by the EA. The determining officer changed following issue of the draft permit which resulted in further delays. The final consolidated permit was issued at the end of January 2022.

The Site will be restored to pre-quarrying contours and re-instated to a mix of conservation grassland/ heathland, reed beds and agricultural use.

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