Martells Quarry – Permit Variation Application Duly Made

The Environment Agency has duly made a permit variation application for a western extension to the permitted landfilling operations at Martells Quarry located off Slough Lane in Ardleigh, Essex. The variation application was made on behalf of Sewells Reservoir Construction Limited.

Martells Quarry is currently being quarried for sand and gravel from the Kesgrave Thames Deposits (sand and gravel). Upon completion of quarrying the site will be restored through the importation of inert waste and selected non-hazardous wastes.

The variation application proposes to extend the inert landfilling activity onto land to the west and increase the annual waste throughputs from 100,000 tonnes to 175,000 tonnes per annum. Upon completion of landfilling, the site will be restored for agricultural use.

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