Progression of a New Quarry at Pasture House Farm

In October 2016 an application submitted by PDE to Peterborough City Council was approved for land at Pasture House Farm, Thorney. The application was prepared on behalf of Land Logical Limited and enabled the extraction, processing, sale and distribution of sand and gravel as well as the erection and use of a concrete batching plant and the establishment of an inert waste recycling facility.

Since approval, the Quarry is well into the initial stages of development, with a number of works being carried out. These include the construction of new bunds to provide noise and visual screening for nearby residents and users of the A47.

In addition, a programme of major road improvement works is due to start to widen the eastbound carriageway of the A47, facilitating improved access to the Site via Willow Hall Lane. Improvements will also be made to Willow Hall Lane, increasing the width of the junction with the A47 and the road up to the Site entrance. These road improvements will result in significant improvements to the flow of traffic along the A47, benefiting existing road users as well as effectively mitigating against potential impacts from additional HGV movements related to the new Quarry.

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