Public Exhibition!

On Tuesday 27 November, PDE held a public exhibition at Rayleigh Town Museum on behalf of SRC to showcase a restoration project for land at Dollymans Farm, Essex. The exhibition featured presentations from SRC and the Mineral Products Association (MPA) which aimed to promote the positive contribution of inert landfill in the restoration of old quarry sites such as the former borrow pit at Dollymans Farm, from which material was extracted for use within the construction of the nearby A130.

Local councillors from the surrounding Parish and District Councils were invited to the event which was also open to members of the public with an interest in the development. Representatives from PDE and the Managing Director of SRC were on hand throughout the day to answer questions from the local councillors and members of the public with regard to the proposed restoration.

The exhibition featured a video comprising drone footage of the Site illustrating how it will be transformed from its current state as an unnatural hollow within the landscape, to a fully restored state which is in keeping with the local surroundings and enhances the setting of two World War 1 memorials.

We would like to thank everyone who attended the event and Rayleigh Town Museum for providing an excellent venue!

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