Environmental Permit Variation Issued – Brickworth Quarry

The Environment Agency (EA) has issued a variation to the environmental permit for Brickworth Quarry inert landfill site which is operated by Raymond Brown Quarry Products Limited. An application was made by PDE Consulting Limited for a normal variation to amend the permit boundary to include a western extension area (Area B).

The application was submitted in October 2021, and due to the current delays with the EA, it was not assigned for duly making until March 2023. It was duly made as received. The EA raised no questions on the submitted hydrogeological or stability risk assessments or on any other aspects of the application. There was no requirement for a Schedule 5 notice to be issued. A draft permit was issued in May 2023 and the final permit was received in June 2023.

From submission of the application to receipt of the final permit was nearly 20 months, 16 months of which was waiting for the application to be allocated for determination.

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