Folly Farm – Applications Validated

PDE Consulting Limited recently submitted three planning applications to Suffolk County Council (SCC) on behalf of Shotley Holdings Limited. This included an application for an eastern extension to Folly Farm Quarry for the extraction, processing, sale and distribution of sand and gravel and subsequent restoration using inert materials. In addition, two Section 73 applications were submitted to enable an extension of time to complete permitted operations in line with proposals for the working and restoration of the eastern extension.

The applications were validated by Suffolk County Council on 05 May 2023.

The Suffolk Minerals and Waste Local Plan adopted July 2020 has allocated the land to the east of the existing Quarry for sand and gravel extraction along with the subsequent restoration of the land using inert materials.

Ultimately, should planning permission be granted it will ensure a continuation of mineral extraction at the site, which provides a valuable source of aggregates to the local construction industry. The extension of time for the existing permitted operations will enable the recycling and mineral processing operations to continue in support of the eastern extension. Ultimately should all applications be approved, it will facilitate the timely and complete restoration of the site, whilst also allowing the proposed eastern extension to be worked and restored.

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