Green Aggregates Limited, Burnley Road – Application Validated

PDE Consulting Limited recently prepared a planning application on behalf of Green Aggregates Limited for the erection and operation of an asphalt plant and road planings recycling facility, ancillary facilities and access on land off Burnley Road, West Thurrock, Essex.

The application was submitted to Thurrock Council and validated on 23 March 2023.

Should planning permission be granted, the application will allow for the installation of an eco-friendly asphalt plant which has been designed to support the Applicant’s sustainability initiatives. The asphalt plant has been designed to be able to produce both traditional asphalt and warm asphalt. The ability to produce warm asphalt allows the Applicant to be able to use more recycled road planings within the plant which will replace approximately 75% of virgin aggregate usually required, which significantly reduces the Applicant’s demand on virgin aggregates.

In terms of annual production the asphalt plant is forecast to produce around 250,000 tonnes of asphalt, which will be supported by the road planings recycling facility which is expected to receive 220,000 tonnes of planings per annum for recycling.

In addition to the eco friendly asphalt plant the whole development has been designed to incorporate a number of sustainability initiatives to support the Applicant’s own carbon reduction plans whilst also preserving and enhancing the natural environment. The sustainability initiatives consist of the following:

• Active and passive vehicle electric charging points;
• A cycle shelter to encourage alternative transport options;
• The installation of green and brown roofs to provide biodiversity enhancement;
• The installation of roof mounted PV panels for the solar generation of electricity; and
• High efficiency external LED lighting.

The Proposed Development will provide direct employment for ten full time employees at the Site and will also employ third party contractors which shall provide employment for around a further 175 indirect employees.

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