Martells Quarry – Permission Granted

On behalf of Sewells Reservoir Construction Limited (SRC) PDE submitted a planning application to Essex County Council seeking planning permission for a western extension to Martells Quarry for the extraction, processing, sale and distribution of silica sand and gravel, and subsequent restoration using inert materials along with the creation of a new access at Martells Quarry, Slough Lane, Ardleigh, Essex. Alongside this application four Section 73 applications were submitted to Essex County Council to vary permissions for the existing consented operations at Martells Quarry to align with proposals for the working and restoration of the proposed western extension.

A resolution to grant planning permission was given by Essex County Council’s Development and Regulation Committee subject to the completion of a Section 106 Agreement. Planning permission for the western extension and associated Section 73 applications was issued by Essex County Council on 31 January 2024.

The proposed extension area is the only site allocated within the Essex Minerals Local Plan 2014 for silica sand extraction making it a highly important site to meet the identified need for mineral within the County. The grant of planning permission will provide significant benefits for the area including continued employment, the supply of high quality minerals and support economic growth. Following the completion of mineral extraction the western extension will be restored back to agricultural land with biodiversity enhancements via the deposit of inert materials.

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