Mill Hill – Application Validated

On behalf of our client, Land Logical Limited, PDE recently submitted a planning application to Nottinghamshire County Council and Nottingham City Council to allow for the extraction, processing, sale and distribution of sand and gravel, and subsequent restoration together with the necessary associated infrastructure and access improvements on land off Green Street, Mill Hill and land at Barton in Fabis off Chestnut Lane.

The application was validated by Nottinghamshire County Council on 19 February 2024 and Nottingham City Council on 27 February 2024.

The Nottinghamshire Minerals Local Plan adopted March 2021 has allocated the land at Mill Hill near Barton in Fabis as a new sand and gravel quarry and should planning permission be granted the site will aid in the supply of minerals to the local construction market.

Upon completion of the mineral extraction, the site will be restored to enhance the land for both biodiversity and social gain. Biodiversity Net Gain will be achieved through the creation of a patchwork of waterbodies, reedbed and wetland, scrub, meadow, and species-rich grassland, which will enhance the existing habitats and increase biodiversity within the Site. A full Biodiversity Net Gain calculation has been undertaken which shows the proposed restoration scheme will have a net gain in habitat units of 34.81% and a net gain in hedgerow units of 23.86%. Social Net Gain will also be achieved through enhanced resilience to future flooding events derived from the design of the landscape and, aside from reinstatement of the historic PROW where possible, incorporation of a network of approximately 6.9 km of new permissive routes for public enjoyment, which will be available for use by members of the public at all times by permission of the landowner.

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