New Inert Landfill Permit Application Duly Made

On behalf of Brett Aggregates Limited, PDE Consulting Limited have submitted an environmental permit application to the Environment Agency (EA) for a new waste operation to be located at Barham Quarry, Sandy Lane, Suffolk (the ‘Site’).

The application is for a new bespoke permit for inert landfill.

Following extraction of sand and gravel, the Site will be restored via the importation and deposit of inert waste. The approximate void space for inert landfill is 940,000 m³. Annual throughputs for inert wastes will be a maximum of 250,000 tonnes.

The application was submitted in June and duly made in September. Due to the effects of Covid 19 and large backlogs at permitting support, the EA are currently prioritising the duly making of applications. Once duly made, applications are returned to the queue to be allocated to a determining officer.

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