Progress at Wetherden Quarry

A standard rules environmental permit for wastes treatment was issued in August 2013.  PDE are now pleased to report, on behalf of Aggmax Limited , that the Environment Agency have issued a variation to the environmental permit to add inert landfill to the permitting activities.

PDE updated the basic Environmental Management System for the permitted waste operations to include procedures for inert waste landfill.

PDE also submitted a verified Extractive Materials Management Statement (EMMS) to the Environment Agency to justify that extractive materials (e.g. silt) associated with the quarrying operation are to be classed as “not-waste”, as they will be used without further treatment in the restoration of the Site.  The Environment Agency agreed with the recommendations in our EMMS.

PDE looks forward to continuing to work with Aggmax with respect to their ongoing operations at Wetherden Quarry.

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