Stone Pit I – Environmental Permit Variation Issued!

On behalf of the Operator Land Logical Ltd, we are delighted to announce that the Environment Agency (EA) has issued a variation to a bespoke waste recovery permit. The waste activity comprises the deposit of inert wastes on land to correct problems associated with differential settlement at Stone Pit I historic landfill site which is located in Dartford, Kent.

The application was made to allow for the recovery of an additional 222,500 m3 of waste to restore the northern part of the Site. This will allow for optimal extraction of landfill gas to generate electricity.

Prior to submission of the permit variation application, a pre-application meeting was held with the local EA officers and an updated Waste Recovery Plan was submitted to and approved by the EA.

The pre-existing landfill gas management infrastructure has been upgraded to current standards which enabled a number of improvement conditions to be removed from the permit.

An application was submitted for a minor technical variation and the EA have issued a full consolidated permit.

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