Wetherden – Relocation of Recycling Operations

At the request of our client, Aggmax Transport Limited, a Section 73 application was submitted to Suffolk County Council for the purpose of relocating their already permitted recycling operations at Lawn Farm Quarry. The application was required as the footprint for the processing area where recycling operations were envisaged to take place had to be unexpectedly reduced. This resulted in insufficient room for the recycling operations to function safely; therefore recycling operations had been effectively mothballed.

In order to reduce the impact of the recycling operations on the environment and the local amenity a number bunds were reconfigured in order to encompass the new recycling area. The proposed new area was chosen and designed to ensure that Aggmax can safely and efficiently begin their recycling operations.

On 17 December 2018 planning permission was granted for the relocation of recycling operations. This will enable Aggmax to begin pushing waste up the waste hierarchy by reducing reliance on landfill as well as providing recycled aggregates to the local construction market, a sustainable alternative to the use of primary aggregate products.

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