Successful Permit Variation – Mawkinherds Farm

PDE have successfully varied an existing permit on behalf of Anglian Land Drainage Limited (ALD), to allow for an eastern extension to their site at Mawkinherds Farm, in Dunmow, Essex.

Following submission of an application by PDE, Environmental Permit No. EPR/EB3807KY was issued to ALD in 2017 and allows the storage and physical treatment of construction and demolition wastes. Under the existing permit, wastes are treated to produce soil, soil substitutes and aggregate. Treatment consists of washing, sorting, crushing and screening.

PDE successfuly varied the permit to allow for permitted activities to take place on the land directly adjacent to the Site, on the eastern boundary. This extension to the permit boundary will allow ALD to operate to the full potential of their permit, with more space for stockpiling and processing. The permit variation application was submitted in August and the permit was issued in November 2020.

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