Barton Mills Soils Washing Plant – Permission Granted

On 19 September 2019 Suffolk County Council granted permission for an application, prepared by PDE on behalf of Needham Chalks (HAM) Limited, which sought to enable the installation and use of a washing plant for the recycling of inert waste, with associated access onto the highway at Barton Mills Chalk Quarry, Suffolk.

The grant of permission is great news for Needham Chalks who will now be able to begin processing inert material imported for use within the restoration of the Quarry. The washing plant will extract recyclable aggregates which will be processed and classified according to size. These recycled aggregates can then be sold on, providing a valuable alternative to primary aggregate products within the local construction industry. With the removal of recyclable aggregates, the remaining non-recyclable material will be used to facilitate a high quality restoration of the Quarry.

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