Duston Oil Permit Variation Issued

The EA has issued a variation to the environmental permit for the Duston Oils plant in Northampton.

Bespoke installation permit No. EPR/XP3237MA was issued in October 2007 and authorises the recovery and disposal of waste oils and solvents.

It was proposed that a higher grade processed fuel oil (PFO) was produced at the Site. PFO produced in accordance with the WRAP Quality Protocol (End of waste criteria for the production and use of processed fuel oil from waste lubricating oils) is no longer considered to be a waste and can therefore be used in a wider range of applications.

The new process required additional raw materials, addition of a centrifuge and additional tank storage. It was also proposed that additional wastes types were added to the permit which are those listed in the WRAP Quality Protocol only.

The application for a normal variation was submitted in October 2018 and a consolidated permit was issued in July 2019.

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