Blackwater Quarry – Bespoke Permit Issued

PDE is pleased to announce, on behalf of Wight Building Materials Limited, that the Environment Agency (EA) have issued a bespoke permit for the operation of a foambase plant and for the continued operation of an inert and excavation waste recycling facility at St Georges Down on the Isle of Wight.

Wight Building Materials were operating a foambase plant at Blackwater Quarry under the conditions of EA Regulatory Position Statement (RPS) 157. The plant is used solely for the recovery of waste coal tar bound road planings for re-use in road construction.

In August 2015 the RPS was revised, and as the operation could no longer meet the limits, it was necessary to apply for a bespoke permit.

An application was submitted for the foambase activities which fall under the definition of an installation due to the volumes of hazardous waste stored and treated. The application also included for the operation of a waste facility for the treatment and recycling of inert and excavation wastes which was previously undertaken by a third party. A previously issued discharge permit was also consolidated into the new bespoke permit.

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