Titan Works – Environmental Permit Surrender Application Approved

PDE submitted an application, on behalf of Industrial Chemicals Limited, for the surrender of an environmental permit for Titan Works in Grays.

The environmental permit was issued as a waste disposal licence in December 1985 and allowed the deposit of non hazardous, non-biodegradable waste. Under the conditions of the permit, a single stream waste type was used to create an access road in to the site only.

Whilst there were no management or monitoring requirements in the permit, it was necessary to comply with current guidance for the surrender application to be agreed.

A pre-application site walkover was undertaken with a member of the Environment Agency’s (EA) Geoscience Operations Team, following which it was agreed that an application would be made for a low risk surrender.

As agreed with the EA, a limited waste sampling exercise was undertaken and a short technical report was submitted alongside the completed application forms.

The surrender application was submitted in March 2020 and approved in November 2020.

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